New store, new website

Hi everybody!! Welcome to the new Eighty-Eight Hustles website! It's part of the wild changes happening over here to get the first couple of product lines up for sale, including our first product, Canary.

It has been a wild year, hasn't it? Not only did I have a kid this year but I've also brought Canary from being a little hand-made prototype to a real, bona fide manufactured product people can actually buy. I can hardly believe it but here we are, finally ready to release it out into the world. Finally, Canary is fully real, and you can own one. Really.

There are all kinds of new products in the pipeline that will be showing up here over the coming months, and I'm super excited about each one of them. In addition to Canary and our other electronics product lines, I'm also working on some fun mobile apps and fidget toys, and I'll even be selling the naming rights to the Eighty-Eight Hustles electronics lab. I'm also excited to share some of my side projects and other interests with everybody.

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