Introducing Poker Pick-Up, the first Eighty-Eight Hustles Game!

Introducing Poker Pick-Up, the first Eighty-Eight Hustles Game!

HEY everybody! How's it going? Even though it looks like nothing much has been going on, behind the scenes I've been over here working extra hard to make this new year the best one yet for Eighty-Eight Hustles. To that end, I'm happy to announce the first mobile game I've released: Poker Pick-Up!

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Poker Pick-Up is a puzzle/card game where cards are dealt into a big grid, and the player—that's you—picks them up in groups of 5 to try to make high-valued poker hands. Play in Puzzle Mode to test your skills with limited cards to work with. In Normal Mode, you have a limited number of hands you can form from an endless stream of cards, so every hand is a tradeoff between the present moment and the future. For a real challenge, try Relentless Mode, where there's no "Undo" button and every choice you make is irrevocable.

Like most of my products right now, Poker Pick-Up is a work in progress and it'll only get better over the coming weeks as I finish bringing my full vision to fruition, but the gameplay is mostly finished and it's pretty fun to play right now.

More coming soon

I won't leave you early adopters hanging, though! Features are coming soon both to enhance gameplay and to bring more variety into the game. Here's a short list of stuff to get excited about as you start playing this early version of my game:

  • Better instructions for gameplay are coming. I want this to be a welcoming experience for gamers of all kinds of backgrounds and experience levels, so this is crucial. It's coming; don't worry!
  • Bonuses, power-ups, and other fun stuff.
  • Better graphics: deck and playing table themes, animations, and other niceties.
  • And lots, lots more!

An Eighty-Eight Hustles first

This modest little game is pretty important to me and to Eighty-Eight Hustles. It's the first standalone mobile app—unrelated to my hardware offerings—I've released, and the first game I've publicly released after many years of half-baked projects that never made it past the initial stages. It's not much, especially at this early stage, but I am so excited about what Poker Pick-Up can evolve into and about the other games I have in the pipeline behind it.

More games coming

I'm not stopping with this game, of course. More are on their way, including a couple other card games and an exciting new Tetris-like arcade puzzle game. Stick around. It's gonna be fun!

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